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PokerNewsDaily:  "The new poker variety is available at both real and play money tables and should prove to be a fun change of pace for even the most devoted Texas Hold’em players." 

Pokernews:     "New games come and go in poker but not many stick, this one however could be an exception."

PokerNetwork:     "This exhilarating new game is exclusive to PartyPoker and is sure to be a hit."

PokerStrategy:     "Not only does PartyPoker's Double Hold'em keep the game fresh and interesting for seasoned players, but it may also have the potential to attract a brand new pool of players to the tables, who will be eager to try out the new game."

RakeBack:     "...a game that is simple enough for beginners yet offers more complexity than regular, two-card hold'em."

RoundersPalace:     "Innovation is clearly alive and well in the online poker world... initial reaction from online poker forums and commentators is positive."


“This is our time. When I say “our,” I mean everyone who loves playing poker for fun; everyone who plays professionally; even the poker industry. I happen to fall in all three categories. You’ve heard the grumblers, those who say poker has peaked, maybe it's even on a gradual decline. Well, they’re wrong. Dead wrong.”

                                                                             - E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross


At TableBrain, we are creating new poker games and developing related technology to entertain, educate and inspire. We have a proven track record of introducing patent-pending games for the poker sector of the gaming industry. Our games capture players’ attention, are revolutionizing online poker, and creating strong customer loyalty.

Double Hold’em™, our new and exciting game, is now available on the PartyPoker system!. Go to or (download required) and start playing today!

EZ Double Hold’em™ is a fun, new video poker game based on Texas Hold’em. It’s a much better game than 5 Card Draw based games. Read the Rules or Play right now!

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