Best 50 Starting Hands

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(suits are shown to represent suited/non-suited and are not specific)

1: As, Ah, Ks

2: As, Ah, Kd

3: As, Ah, Qs

4: As, Ah, Js

5: As, Ah, Qd

6: As, Ah, Ts

7: As, Ah, Jd

8: As, Ah, Td

9: As, Ah, 9s

10: As, Ah, 8s

11: As, Ah, 5s

12: As, Ah, 7s

13: As, Ah, 4s

14: As, Ah, 3s

15: As, Ah, 6s

16: As, Ah, 9d

17: As, Ah, 2s

18: As, Ah, 8d

19: As, Ah, 5d

20: As, Ah, 7d

21: As, Ah, 4d

22: As, Ah, 3d

23: As, Ah, 6d

24: As, Ah, 2d

25: As, Ah, Ad

26: As, Ks, Kd

27: As, Kh, Kd

28: Ks, Kh, Qs

29: Ks, Kh, Qd

30: Ks, Kh, Js

31: Ks, Kh, Ts

32: Ks, Kh, Jd

33: Ks, Kh, Td

34: Ks, Kh, 9s

35: Ks, Kh, 8s

36: Ks, Kh, 9d

37: Ks, Kh, 7s

38: Ks, Kh, 6s

39: Ks, Kh, 5s

40: Ks, Kh, 4s

41: Ks, Kh, 3s

42: Ks, Kh, 2s

43: Ks, Kh, 8d

44: Ks, Kh, 7d

45: Ks, Kh, 6d

46: Ks, Kh, 5d

47: Ks, Kh, 4d

48: Ks, Kh, 3d

49: Ks, Kh, 2d

50: Ks, Kh, Kd

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